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Delta Gamma

President's Message

Welcome all!


I am grateful that you have found your way to the Gamma Kappa chapter of Delta Gamma at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I’m delighted to introduce you to the Panhellenic website where I encourage you to get to know the women that have inspired such extraordinary sisterhoods. It’s my hope that through the website and our various social media platforms, we can share our membership, philanthropy, recruitment process, and cherished friendships with you.


To find myself in the position of writing this letter, in the position of leading this chapter, I feel such a sincere appreciation for my experience in Gamma Kappa. With candid honesty, I did not begin my time here with an initiative to lead, but rather with an uncertainty in myself. But the power of our sisterhood is in its ability to welcome each other as we are and embolden one another to find the best version of ourselves in the values of Delta Gamma.


Delta Gamma has been the single most influential element of my college experience. The women of this chapter have guided me through the challenging and defining moments of my college career with the kindness of a helping hand. Having become my best friends, roommates, classmates, chapter officers and coworkers–my life has undoubtedly been enriched through having Delta Gammas by my side.


The betterment I have been so lucky to experience is in no way unique to my individual membership. Each of our members seeks to not only live by our motto to “Do Good”, but to be great enough to always do better. I continue to be impressed by the creative and professional mediums our women employ to have a lasting effect on the community. Each new member class has gifted us with a remarkable group of activists, environmentalists, athletes and artists who share an enthusiasm to contribute their passions and experiences to a greater good. Seeing the growth the women around me inspire not just within, but beyond, themselves has been most heartening and motivating. It’s this growth that has instilled the infinite pride I have in this organization. 


It’s as the 2023 Chapter President, that I can say with confidence that the friend, student, and leader I have grown to become has been the affordance of my time in Gamma Kappa. To feel indebted to Gamma Kappa for the selfless compassion, unwavering support and ever inspiring mentorship its women have shown me is the most meaningful experience I’ve ever been endowed.


Delta Gamma, you have made me especially proud in all that you are. I hope that alongside the 2023 Chapter Management Team, I have the honor of making you feel the same way.


With love and ITB,


Jessica Reilly

Delta Gamma Chapter President

University of California, Santa Barbara

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