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Alpha Chi Omega

President's Message

Hello everyone,

It is an immense honor and joy to introduce you to an organization that has truly transformed my college experience—a group of Real. Strong. Women. My name is Cameron Stettler, and I proudly serve as the Chapter President of the Delta Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega here at UCSB. Through my words, I hope to convey the unwavering support, deep passion, and genuine connections that define this remarkable community.

Becoming a part of Alpha Chi Omega has truly been the highlight of my college years at UCSB. When I first considered recruitment, I wasn't sure if it was my thing, and the thought of taking on a leadership role felt daunting. But from the instant I stepped into the chapter, I felt an indescribable connection. The warmth and support from the amazing women in Alpha Chi Omega didn't just boost my spirits; it transformed my entire college experience. Thanks to their encouragement, I found the confidence to pursue leadership positions I never thought possible. They've not only been my friends but also my biggest cheerleaders, making every moment unforgettable.

In this chapter, "Real. Strong. Women." isn't just a motto; it's a way of life embodied by every incredible woman I've had the pleasure of meeting. These aren't just ordinary individuals; they're the kind of people who leave a lasting impression. Whether they're diving into philanthropy, participating in school athletics, unleashing their creativity, or delving into research, they pour their hearts into everything they do, enriching our community along the way. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering support, not just for each other within the chapter, but for everyone around them. Their acceptance and encouragement have been a guiding light for me, empowering me in ways I never thought possible. Thanks to them, I've discovered a confidence I didn't know I had, and I couldn't be prouder of the person I've become. They're not just friends; they're family, and I'm endlessly grateful for their presence in my life.

At Alpha Chi Omega, our commitment to raising awareness about domestic violence is a core part of our mission and philanthropy. We believe in supporting and empowering those affected by domestic violence, advocating for prevention, and educating our communities on this critical issue. This cause is deeply important to us because we are dedicated to fostering safe, supportive environments both within our chapter and in the broader community. We can't wait to share our passion and commitment with new members and work together to make a bigger difference.

To anyone considering rushing, I want to share something deeply personal. Approach this journey with an open heart and mind. You could meet friends who will stay with you for a lifetime and experience changes that will enrich your life in unexpected ways. That's exactly

what happened to me, even when I was so nervous to go through recruitment. So, take the leap you will find a home where you truly belong and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Cameron Stettler
Alpha Chi Omega
Delta Psi Chapter President

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Chapter Information

Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness

House Capacity: 56

New Member Fees (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1114/$1114/$1114

Live In Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $5,035 / $5,035/ $5,035

Live Out Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $760 / $760 / $760

New Member Costs Include: National and chapter dues, facility operations, and meals

Live In Member Costs Include: National and chapter dues, facility operations, rent, and meal plan

Live Out Member Costs Include: National and chapter dues, facility operations and meals

Payment Methods: Debit cards, credit cards, and checks

Payment Plans: Single payment or installments

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Instagram: @axoucsb

TikTok: @axoucsb

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