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Alpha Delta Pi

President's Message

Hi! My name is Alexandra Kotsos, and I am honored to represent the Gamma Xi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi as the 2022 Chapter President.


Going to undergrad is a unique experience, filled with uncertainty. One decision I have always felt certain and proud about was choosing Alpha Delta Pi. It has made this HUGE university feel like home. Over the past few years, I have grown tremendously as an individual and as a leader. I have met my best friends for life, and am so grateful for this sorority. Alpha Delta Pi provides philanthropic and leadership opportunities, along with fostering a culture of friendship, love and support, that pushes members to be the best versions of themselves and pave the way for a successful future.


This chapter prides itself on putting our members first, and supporting our individual accomplishments. The thing that brings together our members is not our surface-similarities, but our similarities in motives. The women of ADPi are driven and want to be challenged academically and professionally, and we push one another to go outside of our comfort zones. We have members from a variety of majors that motivate one another. Not to brag, but our members are recruited by top accounting firms, and enter top medical and law schools post graduation. There are years upon years of successful alumni who show their support to everyone, no matter what year they join.


Our national philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organization that helps families in their most trying times by providing housing and food close to hospitals. Every quarter, we host a variety of events to raise money for RMHC, including restaurant fundraisers, “Pie an ADPi”, and our biggest event, “ADPi’s Got Talent”. For this event, we host a talent show for other campus organizations to participate, and sell out every year!


But the most powerful aspect of our chapter is our sisterhood. The women of ADPi can be described with one word: genuine. Whether it’s midnight beach swims, sunset bike rides, intramural basketball teams, or scary movie nights, there is always a sister there for you to do the things you love. I am beyond blessed to have lived with nine of my best friends in the chapter for the past three years, who have cried with me at my worst, and laughed with me at my best. Whether we’re doing karaoke all night, or binge watching America’s Next Top Model all day (we once watched for 12 hours straight), every moment with these women becomes the best moment ever. They fundamentally shaped my college experience, all thanks to Alpha Delta Pi.


I implore you to explore our website and read through the testimonies of all the lovely women in the Panhellenic Community, and hope you can feel the love and support that radiates through Panhellenic women.




Alexandra Kotsos

Gamma Xi Chapter President

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

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Chapter Information

Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charity

House Capacity: 45

New Member Fees (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1,231.41/$914.16/$914.16

Live In Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $3,594.16/$3,594.16/$3,594.16

Live Out Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $914.16/$914.16/$914.16

New Member Costs Include: administration fees, alpha member fees, alpha semester dues, badge fee, housing corporation membership fee, initiation fee, out of house board, out of house rent, Monday night dinners

Live In Member Costs Include: administration fee, delta member fee, delta semester dues, in house board, in house rent, weekly meal plan for Mon-Fri

Live Out Member Costs Include: ​administration fee, delta member fee, delta semester dues, out of house board, out of house rent, Monday night dinners

Payment Methods: OmegaFi - ​Check, eCheck, credit/debit card

Payment Plans: all at once, monthly, or case by case

Learn More!


Instagram: @adpiucsb

Facebook: @adpiucsb

TikTok: @alphadeltapiucsb

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