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Phi Sigma Rho

President's Message

Hey there!

My name is Sofia Hillman and I am honored to serve as the 2023 President of UCSB’s chapter of Phi Sigma Rho. Coming to UCSB, I knew that I wanted to get involved on campus and create a smaller community for myself on such a large campus. I was excited when I heard about Phi Rho and after attending my first recruitment event, I could tell that this Sorority is a group of people I want to be a part of. I started college at UCSB during the pandemic, which made making friends in a new place even harder than normal, but I have met my closest friends and greatest supporters from Phi Rho.

My favorite thing about my chapter is the way that we connect with each other through our STEM majors and so much more, despite our differing backgrounds and personal experiences. I am a physics major, and I am usually one of few women in my classes. I have felt overlooked and experienced not being taken seriously my peers. However, by my Phi Rho siblings, it has been just the opposite. My siblings are always there to encourage me to meet my goals, applaud my accomplishments, and comfort me during setbacks. I have been able to rely on this support system and my siblings have made me more confident in myself as a student and as a scientist.

I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made and the opportunities I’ve had because of Phi Sigma Rho. The friends I’ve made have made me a better person and supported me in my academic goals. Many of my favorite memories have been made with other Phi Rhos. I have had the opportunity to make great connections for my future professional career and grow as a leader. My experience at UCSB has been filled with love and support because of this group. Whether you choose to join a Sorority or Fraternity at UCSB or not, I hope that you find your own loving, supportive community at UCSB.

Phi Rho love,

Sofia Hillman

President, Phi Sigma Rho Alpha Xi Chapter

UC Santa Barbara


Chapter Information

Philanthropy: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

House Capacity: No formal house

New Member Fees (Fall/Winter/Spring): $290/$290/$290

Live In Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): N/A

Live Out Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $160/$160/$160

New Member Costs Include: Activities, national dues, storage locker, P.O. Box

Live In Member Costs Include: N/A

Live Out Member Costs Include: Activities, national dues, CPC dues, storage locker, P.O. Box

Payment Methods: Greek Bill credit card or savings account

Payment Plans: Multiple Installments or all-in-one payment

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Instagram: @ucsbphirho

Facebook: @ucsbphisigmarho

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