Phi Sigma Rho

President's Message

Hello, hello!


My name is Raven Grinker and I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve as the President of Phi Sigma Rho! Truthfully, I never imagined joining a sorority, but at the beginning of freshman year, I found myself on the website for Phi Rho and immediately put the recruitment dates into my calendar. Meeting these members was one of the most surreal experiences. I was met with so much love and so many people who shared similar interests as me. Over two years later, this group consists of my best friends, my classmates, my biggest supporters, and my family.


What’s surprised me the most about this group is the ease with which we’ve all connected. From the second I joined, I have never felt excluded or unheard. As a woman in STEM, lots of us tend to feel this way, but with every dream I’ve excitedly rambled on about at 2am, or every goal I’ve accomplished, I’ve felt nothing but acceptance from my siblings. Not only is this community so welcoming, but it’s also pushed me forward academically and professionally. The amount of talent and ambition this group has blows me away every day and I don’t think I would have even considered the career paths that I have now if it weren’t for this community.


I love to look back at who I was before I joined Phi Rho and marvel at how much I’ve grown through this organization. As a freshman, I looked up to the older members so much. Their success and drive were so unmatched to anyone I’ve ever met. Feeling myself grow into the spaces these strong individuals have created has filled me with so much gratitude for those that have helped me mature and for this space that has allowed me to make these connections. I’ve met so many people with such different backgrounds, there’s no one else I could imagine staying up late at night with, discussing mental health, societal norms, and the ways we could be more inclusive as an organization.


Through the pandemic, this sorority kept me sane and well-connected with UCSB while being far from campus. Returning to campus this year has brought on so much more love and exciting new experiences. I couldn’t be more grateful for this group of women. And though my time in college ends soon, I know the friendships I have made never will. Regardless of if you choose to continue your time at UCSB with Phi Rho or not, I hope you find the same love and acceptance in a community as I have.


Phi Rho Love,

Raven Grinker

President, Phi Sigma Rho Alpha Xi Chapter

UC Santa Barbara

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Chapter Information

Philanthropy: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Girl Scouts of America

House Capacity: No formal house

New Member Fees (Fall/Winter/Spring): $270/$270/$270

Live In Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): N/A

Live Out Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $184/$184/$184

New Member Costs Include: New members of Phi Sigma Rho will pay all the same fees and receive all the same benefits as Active Members described below. An additional New Member fee is added to cover the costs of New Member education and events, induction and initiation fees, as well as pins.

Live In Member Costs Include: N/A

Live Out Member Costs Include: Active dues cover National, Per Capita, and Panhellenic fees. Dues also pay for apparel, sisterhoods, socials, philanthropies, fundraisers, and recruitment.

Payment Methods: Cash, Check, and GreekBill (chapter online method)

Payment Plans: Quarterly or by two installments per quarter

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