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Collegiate Panhellenic

Joining a Collegiate Panhellenic Sorority can offer many wonderful benefits. Learn more about what a UCSB sorority is like and can offer you below to decide if this could be the right choice for you!


Time Commitment

Every Panhellenic member can make the most of their Greek experience. We recommend each member be prepared to dedicate at least 4 hours a week to sorority activities.

In addition, every member is required to uphold the Fraternity & Sorority Standards of Excellence requirements. This includes:  


  • Completing FOUR educational programs (one hour each) in total by the end of each academic school year. 
    CARE's sponsored Sexual Violence Prevention must be one of four workshops.  

  • Must complete a minimum of six hours of community service per quarter, 18 hours total over three quarters.

  • New Members must attend the annual New Member Education Conference 


Each chapter typically requires attendance at a weekly 1-hour meeting and quarterly philanthropy events (a variety of other events are usually offered throughout the quarter such as siblinghoods and social events)


Please keep these time commitments in mind when committing to the Panhellenic Recruitment Process.

Leadership Opportunities

Our community attracts leaders, and lucky for you, there are countless leadership opportunities within each chapter to let your talents shine. Every chapter has their own executive board with a wide range of positions that require different skill sets. This provides a great opportunity to build your resume and gain valuable experience throughout your college career.


Campus Involvement

Joining Greek Life provides an excellent resource to get involved on campus. Not only does our community organize multiple UCSB campus events, but our community allows you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who value your same interests. 

Siblinghood and Support

Let's face it, leaving for college is a huge transition. Our community is dedicated to making this transition a little easier. Our community makes up about 12% of the 180,000 undergraduates on campus. This allows our members the strong sense of community of a small campus with the resources of a large campus! Our community holds various sisterhood events to encourage female friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. Some of these events include movie nights, beach picnics, ice skating, group exercise classes, shopping trips, and more!  


Philanthropy and Service

A huge aspect of Panhellenic's culture is our commitment to community service. Just a few of the philanthropic events our members participate in include:

Domestic Violence Awareness

The Ronald McDonald Foundation

The Alpha Phi Foundation

Service for Sight

Girls on the Run


Reading is Fundamental

Fight Against Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Pi Beta Phi Foundation & Literacy

Scholastic Achievement

Statistically, Panhellenic members excel in academics. We believe the support system, connections to upperclassman mentors, and organized chapter study hours contribute to our success in academia. Panhellenic members consistently hold a higher average GPA than the overall UCSB undergrad and overall UCSB women's GPA. 


Spring 2023 Panhellenic GPA:  3.487

Overall UCSB: 3.388

IMG_2468 - Emily Beckett.JPG


The Greek Community is HUGE nationwide. And you'd be surprised how often your Greek affiliation links you to someone with your dream job. Plus, our community culture encourages upperclassman to build relationships with their younger peers and help guide them in the right direction.


In order to land an internship these days, its all about who you know. And the Panhellenic community links you to many more women who share your same interests and aspirations, providing you a pool of women to connect you with future job opportunities.

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