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President's Message



My name is Kaitlyn Ridenour and I am the current president of Alpha Phi’s Gamma Beta chapter. Prior to my presidency, I served as the Vice President of Health, Wellness, and Accountability (formerly known as Risk Management). Being on the executive board for the past two years has given me so many friendships, skills, and memories that I will truly never forget. Being involved in leadership in Alpha Phi has given me a unique perspective on our chapter and pushed my own personal growth. 

When I rushed via Zoom in the fall of 2020, I met the most amazing group of women in all eight chapters that I saw. I fell in love with aspects of all the chapters, and I knew that at the end of the week that I would find my home. On the morning of Bid Day, I was ecstatic to receive a bid from Alpha Phi, and my life has changed for the better since that moment.

In fall of 2021, I moved into our stunning chapter house with thirty seven other members from my member class. After being in quarantine for a year and half, I was so nervous to meet so many women whom I only knew from social media and Zoom calls. Almost instantly, this dynamic group of girls became my best friends. Within weeks we were carpooling to frozen yogurt, running down the halls laughing, and making unforgettable memories. I was so happy to find that I had sisters in all my classes and we had a lot of late study nights in our house library.  Living in our house allowed me to feel safe and connected with my chapter. Everyday I am still in awe of the 200 women I get to surround myself with.


The women of Alpha Phi are brilliant, kind and overall inspirational leaders of our future. I see this especially in our philanthropic efforts. Alpha Phi’s philanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports womens heart health. This is an issue that I hold very close to my heart, and seeing the women around me plan and participate in events that raise thousands of dollars for heart health research proves the dedication to our philanthropy and helping others. During winter quarter, we host our annual Red Dress Gala, where our friends, family, alumni, and supportive community come together to raise money and awareness for women’s heart health. This event has raised over $30,000 alone for our philanthropy. We also host “Phi Week'' during spring quarter, where we have multiple local food fundraisers, our male beauty pageant called “King of Hearts,” and our “Phi Ball” volleyball tournament. This week is filled with fun and interactive activities to get the Greek community together and help raise money for our philanthropy. 

I know it sounds cliche, but joining Greek life remains one of the best decisions I have made. Within Alpha Phi and Panhellenic, I have been able to meet so many amazing women who have inspired me in a multitude of ways. Several alumni and advisors have mentored me and connected me with amazing professional opportunities. I highly recommend going Greek to everyone I meet, as I have seen how much a positive impact Alpha Phi and Panhellenic has had on me. Going Greek has helped me navigate the challenges of moving away from home, entering my twenties, and adjusting to life at UCSB. I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of an organization that truly cares for its members and fosters our personal and professional growth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about Alpha Phi and I hope I get to meet you soon! 

Kaitlyn Ridenour


UCSB Alpha Phi - Gamma Beta Chapter


Chapter Information

Philanthropy: Alpha Phi Foundation

House Capacity: 43

New Member Fees (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1,210.83/$1,410.33/$910.34

Live In Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $3,779.50/$3,658.00/$3,696.33

Live Out Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1,031.83/$910.33/$910.34

New Member Costs Include: New Member dues include Chapter Dues, Parlor Fees, Initiation Fees, Badge Fees, Founder's Day fees, International New Member fees, and the House bond.

Live In Member Costs Include: Live In Cost includes the price for rent and the chapter meal plan (which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner 6 times a week) and it also includes chapter dues.

Live Out Member Costs Include: Live Out Cost includes chapter dues and parlor fees (which encompasses the use of Alpha Phi facilities and chapter-wide dinner once a week)

Payment Methods: Members pay using an online platform, Billhighway, which accepts all payment methods.

Payment Plans: Annual, quarterly, or installments (monthly)

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Instagram: @ucsbalphaphi

Tiktok: @ucsbalphaphi

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