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Hello, my name is Natalie Stafford, and I am the current president of the Gamma Beta chapter of Alpha Phi. Before being president, I served as Vice President of Finance and Housing, and I was our Chapter Alumni Chair. Joining Greek Life has given me many irreplaceable friendships and completely changed my college experience. When I was our Chapter Alumni Chair, I was able to see proof that these friendships last well beyond the four years in undergraduate school. Working with my fellow active members and our lovely alumni, I have seen both sides of the Alpha Phi sisterhood and am proud to call Alpha Phi my home.


The idea of joining Greek Life can seem overwhelming at a large school. However, I can attest that it has positively impacted my college experience and given me irreplaceable friendships and experiences. When reflecting on the past three years, I can’t help but remember when I was paired with my “Big Sister” and how she was my first true college friend who helped me adjust to UCSB. She was the perfect older sister figure, and I truly would have been lost without her guidance around campus or advice on which classes to take. Having these bonds is what makes being sorority life so special and unique. If I had not joined Greek Life, I would not have had the opportunity to meet my big who helped make UCSB feel like home.


By joining Greek Life, you are opening yourself up to new friendships both within your chapter and with women in other chapters in the Panhellenic community. Our entire chapter rallies together for Greek life events. Some of my favorite events are cheering on my fellow Alpha Phi’s in sports competitions for other chapter’s philanthropy events and heading to IV restaurants for food fundraisers put on throughout the year by the Panhellenic Community members. The greek community itself is one of the unique aspects of greek life at UCSB, and what I think makes it so special. While we are all in different chapters, we are all a part of one larger community. I am lucky enough to have friends in multiple chapters.


Alpha Phi hosts a variety of events to raise money for our philanthropy, The Alpha Phi Foundation which supports women’s heart health. During fall quarter, we host our annual Red Dress Gala during fall quarter, where our friends, family, alumni, and supportive community come together to raise money and awareness for women’s heart health. This event has raised over $50,000 alone for our philanthropy. We also host “Phi Week” during spring quarter, where we have multiple local food fundraisers such as “Chick-Phi-A,” our male beauty pageant called “King of Hearts,” and our “Phi Ball” volleyball tournament. This week is filled with fun and interactive activities to get the Greek community together and help raise money for our philanthropy. When I was previously Vice President of Finance and Housing, I truly saw how valuable our events are in supporting our philanthropy. This unique perspective makes me appreciate the hard work that all the Panhellenic chapters do for their philanthropies through varying Greek Life events.


Through my favorite Greek Life events, my executive council positions, and the lifelong friendships I have made, Alpha Phi has helped me feel at home. By reading each of the testimonies from my fellow chapter presidents, I have seen that they, too, have found their home in Greek Life. We all hope that you decide to find your home in Greek Life as well!

Natalie Stafford


UCSB Alpha Phi - Gamma Beta Chapter

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Chapter Information

Philanthropy: Alpha Phi Foundation (Women's Heart Health)

House Capacity: 42

New Member Fees (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1360.83/$1060.330/$1060.33

Live In Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $3279.50/$3658/$3658

Live Out Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1031.83/$910.33/$910.33

New Member Costs Include: All chapter events and activities, badge fee, international dues, new member fees, house bond, parlor fees, chapter dues

Live In Member Costs Include: All chapter events and activities, chapter dues, room and board, meal plan, international dues

Live Out Member Costs Include: All chapter events and activities, chapter dues, parlor fees, international dues

Payment Methods: Check and Credit Card

Payment Plans: Annual, quarterly, or installments (monthly)

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