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Kappa Kappa Gamma

President's Message

My name is Ava Gurwitz, and I am the president of UCSB Kappa Kappa Gamma! The very sentence in itself seems so far-fetched to the version of myself who was a terrified, 17 year old beginning my college experience. 2020 was defined by unprecedented changes, challenges, and uncertainty. Quite frankly, despite the fact that I knew for a while that I wanted to rush and join Greek life, I was hesitant to start that process over zoom. Hesitation turned to a longing to find some sense of security in all the nonsensical feelings I felt as a 2020 freshman. All I can say is I am so grateful for that part of me who pushed through those feelings and decided to go through with primary recruitment. 

While it really is quite comical to think about the fact that I had never yet met these girls in person when I made the (best) decision (of my life) to go Kappa ;) , three years later, it is truly a testament to how much love there is within our sisterhood. 

Even as tiny squares on a zoom screen, I was lucky enough to witness the connections the active members of Kappa Kappa Gamma not only had for one another, but their desire to extend those connections to myself as well. I later decided to live in the Kappa house for my sophomore year - a decision that I deem to be so pivotal to my college experience. Going from high school where I often felt very insecure putting myself out there and feared rejection, I opened myself up to nearly 40 new girls, some of which I still live with going into my senior year. 

To all PNMs or anyone even considering rushing, I urge you to have an open heart and mind, as you could truly be meeting your forever friends and change your life for the better. While these are the ideals our chapter firmly holds true to,  it is important to address the context in which our organizations were founded. We truly can only grow by first recognizing the discriminatory beliefs that have historically limited membership into Greek Organizations. Our chapters have worked diligently to ensure that our chapters are actively creating equitable & inclusive environments that celebrate the diversity in all aspects of our chapter. 

Our philanthropies are very close to my heart and I feel so touched to be able to contribute to these causes and speak about them. Kappa’s national philanthropy is mental health awareness; as a chapter, we chose to support Mental Health America (MHA) which raises awareness and funds to put towards mental health screening, research, and remarkable advocacy initiatives. Kappa nationals even provides all of its members with free therapy and other mental health resources. Our chapter specific philanthropy was chosen in honor of our very own Robin Babini who was a member of our chapter here at UCSB before she passed in 2006. Though only 17 when diagnosed, Robin was a fighter. Although she passed at only 20, her legacy lives on in our chapter as we raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Circle Inspired by Robin Babini, and her beautiful mother comes to our family weekends, philanthropy events, and speaks to us on awareness and the importance of early screening. Kappa puts on an annual Kapture the Flag event where we raise money for both of these causes and invite members of Panhellenic, IFC, USFC, and other organizations to come out and play. It is both rewarding and such a highlight to be able to coach these teams, have fun competition, while also raising awareness for such profound causes.

I feel so much love in our beautiful home, and I cannot wait to welcome PNMs into our doors with open arms. Primary Recruitment can’t come soon enough!

Ava Gurwitz

Chapter President - Kappa Kappa Gamma


Chapter Information

Philanthropy: National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and The Ovarian Cancer Circle inspired by Robin Babbini

House Capacity: 39

New Member Fees (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1,376/$987/$974

Live In Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $4,248/$4,032/$4,019

Live Out Member Dues (Fall/Winter/Spring): $1,081/$876/$854

New Member Costs Include: National Fee, Parlor Fee, New Member Fee, Panhellenic Dues, Philanthropy, Social Events, Sisterhoods

Live In Member Costs Include: National Fee, Parlor Fee,Room and Board, Panhellenic Dues, Philanthropy, Social Events, Sisterhoods

Live Out Member Costs Include: National Fee, sisterhoods, parlor fee, social events, panhellenic dues, philanthropy, chapter dues

Payment Methods: Billhighway: eCheck/Debit/Credit Card/Check

Payment Plans: Monthly installments

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Instagram: @ucsbkappa

TikTok: @ucsbkappa

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