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Recruitment Tips

Participating in recruitment is the first step in your journey into sorority life. Recruitment is a mutual selection process, meaning that you pick the sorority and the sorority also picks you. Recruitment is a time where you and the chapters have the opportunity to meet and talk to each other before the selection process.

Below are some tips to help you, the potential new member (PNM), with recruitment.

Take Care of Yourself

During recruitment, your days may be longer than you’re used to and the extra commitment can be difficult during a transitional period. Please know the entire CPC board has been in your shoes and we understand taking care of yourself is the most important part to keeping a healthy lifestyle. Try to get as much sleep as you can during this week and do not hesitate to reach out to a CPC member or your rho gam if you need to talk through your feelings. We are here for you!


Do Your Research

Research the 8 chapters that are participating in primary recruitment at UCSB. Find out what they do for community service, the philanthropy they support, their members’ involvement in other organizations, and other fun facts about their UCSB chapter and their national organization. Make sure you find this information from direct sources like our website and their social media pages.

Take Notes

You will be visiting many chapters during the week. Write down names, what you talked about, and anything else that will help you remember the chapters you visited. These notes will be useful when you are making your decisions at the end of each day.


Keep an Open Mind

Don’t rule out a chapter after talking to only a handful of members. Chapters have around 180 members. You may change your mind and end up liking the chapter later in the week after talking to more people, so stay positive. All chapters have great things to offer!

Make Your Own Decisions

Steer clear of any rumors you may hear about chapters so you’re able to make a decision for yourself without external opinions. Most importantly, trust yourself and the feelings you have. All that matters is that YOU like the house.


Ask Questions

Not only does asking questions keep the conversation flowing, but it is also your chance to find out more about chapters you are interested in.

Be Careful With Your Words

Make sure to say only positive things about chapters when you are around other people. If you feel negatively about a house, please keep your thoughts private as other PMNs may love that chapter.

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Utilize Your Rho Gamma

Your Rho Gamma has been trained to help you through recruitment and tackle almost any issue or concern you may have. They are your guide throughout the week. If you're stressed, conflicted, or just need someone to talk to, your Rho Gamma will help you.

Be Yourself

Chapters want to get to know the real you and you want to get to know the real them, so try to relax and show them the most authentic version of yourself. The people who make you feel most comfortable being yourself will be the ones you want to look out for.


Have Fun!

Remember to enjoy yourself. Recruitment is such a fun time in itself where you get to meet so many new people and can start a new chapter of your life!

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