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Meet Lily


On behalf of the 9 sororities in Panhellenic and over 1,000 women, welcome to the UC Santa Barbara Panhellenic Website! I hope that through this website you can gain a better understanding of what our Panhellenic Community does and learn about what fraternity & sorority life is like here at UC Santa Barbara.

As a Panhellenic Council, we foster a community of friendly, intelligent young women and help them to make the most of their time here at UC Santa Barbara. Being in a sorority is about more than wearing letters on a sweatshirt, it’s about upholding the four pillars of fraternity & sorority life: scholarship, leadership, service, and friendship. UC Santa Barbara Panhellenic offers a supportive environment that empowers those to grow as individuals and as members of a greater community.

Through this site, you can learn a little bit about each of our chapters, visit their various social media platforms, and learn what life is like in Panhellenic. You can also find information about our executive board, recruitment, the Wellness Project, and our statement of inclusion. Contact information is also provided for all executive board members and individual chapters.

I decided to participate in formal recruitment as a freshman to make friends at UC Santa Barbara, become more involved on campus, find mentorship and academic support from older members of my sorority, and make a school as large as this feel a bit more like home. The past three years I have spent in fraternity & sorority life have not only allowed me to do all of these things, but to also find myself in a community surrounded by inspiring and empowering women who have become both role models and friends, while also being able to give back to the community.

Joining a sorority has been the most rewarding experience of my college career, helping shape me into the person I am today!  I owe much of my success in and outside of the classroom to my sorority involvement, so I encourage you to explore the different aspects of UC Santa Barbara Panhellenic and consider joining our wonderful community.


I am so excited for the year to come. Please feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions regarding Panhellenic!

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