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Meet the 2022 Rho Gammas

Rho Gammas are Panhellenic women who temporarily "disaffiliate" from their chapter to provide a non-biased and non-discriminatory recruitment experience for every potential new member! Before the first day of recruitment, you will be assigned to a Rho Gamma along with a group of 10-20 other PNMs who will guide you through the recruitment process. Each Rho Gamma was selected through an intense application and selection process and is your go-to gal for any questions you may have along the way. Don't worry, we know recruitment sounds intense, but these girls were once in your shoes and can provide you any and all advice you might need!


Major: Political Science w Feminist Studies Minor

Year:  3rd

Hello everyone! My name is Aimee and I am so excited to be a Rho Gamma this year! The Panhellenic community has given me so many amazing opportunities, and I am ecstatic to share this community with you all. I am from San Jose and am a third year majoring in Political Science with an emphasis on American Politics, as well as pursuing a minor in Feminist Studies. I am passionate about helping others and sharing kindness with everyone I meet. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hanging out with my friends, and spending time in the sun (shoutout sunny Santa Barbara)! I can’t wait to meet everyone in the Fall!

Aimee Lenguyen

Copy of 34B9DFE2-136B-417E-AA63-BD73B691860C - Aria Everingham.jpeg

Major: Environmental Studies and Sociology

Year: 4th

Hi there! My name is Aria, and I’m a fourth year Environmental Studies and Sociology major from Oakland, CA. I just spent last winter and spring quarter studying abroad in the Netherlands and had a blast traveling around Europe! But, I’m so excited to be back in Isla Vista to read on the beach, go on a sunset bike ride, camp up in Los Padres, and be around the people I love. Greek life has given me my best friends and a community that lifts me up everyday. I can’t wait to meet all of you and help you find your home, just as I have found mine. See you soon!

Aria Everingham

Copy of 05B48ABC-B6B6-4068-B208-853342925303 - Brooke Wibberley.jpeg

Major: Environmental Studies 

Year:  4th

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am a 4th year Environmental Studies Major from North Potomac, Maryland. In my free time I like to workout with my friends and go to the beach. Being in a sorority at UCSB has been an amazing experience and has helped me find my home away from home. I look forward to meeting all of you soon!

Brooke Wibberley

Copy of 604E535B-9519-44AA-96E3-EE6354FC4CF3 - Emily Ferrell.jpeg

Major:  Ecology w/ Statistic Minor

Year: 4th

Hi y’all , my names Emily and I’m a fourth year Ecology major with a minor in Statistics! I’m originally from Camino, a rural town in Northern California! I grew up raising livestock and spending most of my time in nature. I LOVE all things outdoors like camping, backpacking, horseback riding, boating, etc. My love for nature has me planning on pursuing a career as a researcher in vertebrate ecology (specifically reptiles, amphibians, and large mammals)! While I do love my mountain life, beautiful Santa Barbara also has my heart. I spend my time in SB shopping and trying new restaurants downtown, kicking it at the beach, and roller skating around campus. I’m so excited to be a Rho Gamma and guide potential Greek Life members through recruitment! I absolutely love being in Greek life and have really found my home here at UCSB. I’ve made so many amazing friends through my chapter and am currently the VP of Greeks Go Green! I can’t wait to show all the potential new members everything that Greek Life has to offer at UCSB!

Emily Ferrell

Copy of IMG_1610 - Emma Meyer.heic

Major: Political Science

Year: 3rd

Hi, I'm Emma! I am a third-year Political Science major from Los Angeles, CA! Isla Vista has quickly become my second home. From the wonderful education to the enriching social life, UCSB is truly a dream. When I'm not studying, I'm working at the children's center, going to yoga classes, or indulging in a sunset walk! The friends I have made through Greek Life are exceptional and I cannot wait to help you find your UCSB family! See all of you lovelies in the Fall!

Emma Meyer

Copy of IMG_9866 - Lucas hertia.jpeg

Major: Psych and Brain Sciences

Year: 4th

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Wright and I'm an incoming fourth year. I'm a psych and brain sciences major from the Bay Area. I came to Santa Barbara after falling in love with the laidback atmosphere and attitudes of the people here, along with the beach being right there! In my free time I like to binge watch TV shows, go on drives with my friends, and while I don't make it to State St quite as much as I'd like, it's always a fun trip. I'm super excited to be a Rho Gamma because Greek Life has given me the best experience here at UCSB, through the people I've met and the countless memories I've been lucky enough to make with them, and I love the idea of helping PNMs navigate the process! I can't wait to meet everyone and watch the PNMs fall in love with their new homes away from home!

Emma Wright

Copy of IMG_2069 - Grace Sobrero.jpg

Major: Psych and Brain Sciences

Year: 3rd

Hi I'm Grace! I'm a third year Psych and Brain Science major and I'm very excited to be a Rho Gamma! I love going on walks by the beach, playing guitar, and spending time with my friends. I have met some of my best friends through Greek life and it has allowed me the opportunity to join other organizations and get involved at UCSB, which has been a beautiful place to live the past couple of years. I'm excited to meet you all!

Grace Sobrero

Copy of Profile pic - Jessica Orozco.jpg

Major: Communications

Year: 4th

Hi guys! My name is Jessica and I am a fourth year Communication major and from San Diego, CA. I want to pursue a career in public relations or advertising so I am part of some ambassador programs with amazing companies like Bumble and Parade! Some of my interests include the going to the beach, exploring new places to eat, traveling and going to concerts and music festivals! Santa Barbara has become my home away from home and greek life has provided me with so many great opportunities and long lasting friendships! I am so excited to be a Rho Gam and help other amazing women find their home in the Panhellenic community!

Jessica Orozco

Copy of 9F6448C2-B812-4E6A-9BF7-5018AD8562AF - Kylie Delaney.jpeg

Major: Statistics and Data Science/Communications

Year:  4th

Hi, I’m Kylie! I’m a fourth year statistics & data science and communication double major from San Jose, CA. I just got back to the US after studying abroad in Sweden during Spring semester. I absolutely love UCSB and all the people I’ve met here. When I’m not studying at the lib, you’ll probably find me cooking, binge-watching something on Netflix, or reading. Outside of Greek life I’m also involved in research at UCSB and the student run marketing firm, Gaucho Creative. I’m so excited to get to know you all and help you through recruitment this fall :)

Kylie Delaney

Copy of 43B5E8CD-DEE5-4C68-9060-D6C6305A5314 - Alexa Van Os.jpeg

Major: Psych and Brain Science/Communications

Year:  4th

Hi! I’m Lexie and I’m going to be a 4th year Psychological and Brain Sciences and Communication major. I have been involved in Greek life since my freshman year, and I can’t imagine my time at UCSB without it. I am so excited for recruitment and to meet everyone! :)

Lexie Van Os

Copy of IMG_7242 - Megan Wagner.jpg

Major: Ecology and Evolution Biology

Year: 3rd

Hi guys!! My name is Megan Wagner, and I am a third year ecology and evolution major! I'm originally from San Diego, so going to school by the beach was non-negotiable for me. I am super passionate about conservation and environmentalism, and I have absolutely loved everything that UCSB has to offer. Aside from school, I love dancing, going to the beach, hiking, baking, thrifting, and doing just about every craft. After doing my freshman year online, I was so excited to move to vibrant Isla Vista and meet my people, which I absolutely did! Being in Greek Life has been the biggest blessing because I have met so many awesome people who share my interests and teach me so much everyday. I am so excited to share this Greek experience with you all, and I can't wait to meet you!!

Megan Wagner

Copy of F7273551-8F18-4AFE-8299-2986B804AF4A - Natalie Raday.jpeg

Major: Communications

Year: 3rd

Hi everyone! I'm Natalie and I am a 3rd year comm major. I have an internship with accounting for next summer also. I am from Princeton, New Jersey and I am so happy to be here!! Both of my parents went to UCSB so I definitely love it. I love to read, try new places to eat, hang out with my friends, and go for quick dips in the ocean. I am so grateful I went through recruitment and get to be a Rho Gam! I cannot wait to meet you all <3

Natalie Raday

Copy of 033068A7-9AFE-485F-A06A-26FA4DC93F84 - Olivia Stephens.jpeg

Major: Political Science w/ Spanish Minor

Year: 3rd

Hi! I’m Olivia and I’m a third year political science major and Spanish minor. I compete on the UCSB mock trial team, and plan to attend law school after I graduate. In my free time, I love listening to true crime podcasts, baking, and crocheting! I’m so glad I joined Greek life at UCSB — especially since I began college in the middle of the pandemic! Through my sorority, I’ve met some incredible women who are supportive, caring and inspiring. I can’t wait to meet you all and have a great week of recruitment!

Olivia Stephens

Copy of 510FB99D-BEB5-4B44-9DD4-08FAB0182EE9 - Samantha Feig.jpeg

Major: Sociology w/ Applied Psychology & Education Minor

Year: 4th

Hi!! I’m Samantha and I’m a 4th year sociology major with minors in education and applied psych. I’m from Simi Valley and I love watching random reality TV shows, reading really bad and cheesy books, and working with kids! Being in Greek life has made my college experience so amazing and has given me lifelong friends. I absolutely love being a part of the Greek community and hope to help you PNMs find your place here as well!

Samantha Feig

Copy of 1997DDB4-863C-4C99-AED2-B411990123C0 - Samantha Rapp.jpeg

Major: Biology

Year:  3rd

Hi ! My name is Sam and I’m starting my third year as a biology major at UCSB. In my day to day life, I love to walk/read on the beach, go paddle boarding, play with the sea anemones and just lay on the warm sand. I also love intramurals as I’ve recently become a novice intramural volleyball champion (keyword novice) and am constantly looking for ways to keep active. My experience at UCSB had been amazing and I owe most of it to the friendships I’ve gained since joining the Panhellenic community. There’s no one else I would rather have dinner nights or sunset swims with than the girls I’ve connected with in my sorority. I am so excited to find the sorority that’s the perfect fit for each of you as joining this community has honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Samantha Rapp

Copy of F6CA2EF3-63A0-4724-8399-D79D8F14EF43 - Siena Bellandi.jpeg

Major: Environmental Studies/History of Art and Architecture: Architecture and Environment Emphasis

Year: 4th

Hi y'all! I am a fourth year studying Environmental Studies and History of Art & Architecture: Architecture and Environment Emphasis! I am originally from Santa Barbara, CA and loved UCSB so much that I just couldn't leave! I love pottery, gardening, cooking and listening to country music. I am so excited to be a Rho Gamma and can't wait to meet you all!

Siena Bellandi

Copy of 888FA4A1-0A83-4CE9-A554-230F85264BDD - Sophia Papalia.jpeg

Major: Theater

Year: 4th

Hi there! I’m Sophia and I’m a fourth year theater major in the directing concentration. I’m from a small beach town in San Diego called Encinitas, so moving to UCSB for me felt so similar to home. However, I still wanted to join a community where I could find my lifelong friends and search for a very special place to call home. I can now happily say I have found both in my sorority. Outside of my major, I am a photographer; I enjoy fashion photography but more recently I have been taking grad photos for seniors! I will really do anything art-related with you if you ask me as I enjoy painting, sketching, singing, etc… I am so excited to meet everyone this fall and help you find your forever home!!! (-:

Sophia Papalia

Copy of UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_mini_7a30 - Ana Turner.jpg

Major: Economics and Accounting

Year:  4th

Hi Everyone! My name is Ana and I’m a fourth year Economics and Accounting major! Besides being in a sorority, I’m also a tour guide for UCSB and a grader for the accounting department. In my free time I love hanging out with my 15 housemates or walking around Isla Vista. I’m so excited to get to know you guys and help you find your home! ❤️

Ana Turner

Copy of 877F361D-89D5-484D-B4A3-0FA47882C6A2 - Audrey.jpeg

Major: Psych and Brain Sciences Minors: Asian American Studies & Applied Psych

Year:  3rd

Hey everyone! My name is Audrey and I am a third year Psychological and Brain Sciences major and double minoring in Applied Psych and Asian American Studies from La Habra, CA. When I’m not studying, I love watching the sunsets with my friends or exploring everything Santa Barbara has to offer. Joining Greek Life has been one of my best decisions at UCSB from finding lifetime friends and participating in philanthropy events. I am so excited to be your Rho Gamma and I can’t wait to meet you all to help you find your home away from home :))

Audrey Gaceta

Copy of 9BEEBC9B-F957-4E70-8833-5B644E59894F - Carissa.jpeg

Major: Global Studies

Year:  4th

Hey! My name is Carissa and I am a fourth year Global Studies major. I love going to the
beach with my friends and going out dancing. This is my second time being a Rho Gamma and I am so excited to be one again! Helping potential new members find their forever chapter was one of my favorite experiences of last year.

Carissa Stewart

Copy of 0B208BE8-3C1E-4C87-AD9C-D41744A3B66E - Emma Chen.jpeg

Major: Biopsychology and Pharmacology

Year: 4th

Hi I’m Emma! I'm an incoming senior from clovis, ca, majoring in biopsychology and pharmacology with the plan of going to med school in the future. I’m super passionate about mental health and I’m currently an officer for active minds ucsb! in my free time, i love going to the gym and going on sunset walks with my sorority sisters, who have been by my side throughout my college experience. i can’t wait to help the pnms find their forever homes like i did!

Emma Chen

Copy of FEC96E76-2FC5-4275-A92E-3F6D67C9AE62 - Emma Susas.jpeg

Major: Film and Media Studies and Communications

Year: 4th

Hi everyone, I’m Emma!! I’m a fourth year double major in Film & Media Studies and Communication from Philly. Moving across the country and knowing no one was definitely difficult but one of the best decisions I’ve made. Greek life has helped me become so much more involved at UCSB and has given me some of my best friends. Besides my interests in content creation and filmmaking, I looove music. You can find me at pretty much any IV concert party, jamming to music, or singing and playing guitar, ukulele, or piano. Besides the 2 minute walk to the beach, sunset pilgrimages every night, and the mountains, my absolute favorite part of UCSB is the people. Greek life has introduced me to some of the coolest people I’ve ever met and I can’t wait for you to experience the same! Excited to meet you all, see you in the fall!

Emma Susas

Copy of 6709DC76-9767-44B3-AFE0-621340B22778 - Gabrielle Lee.jpeg

Major: Pre-Biology

Year: 3rd

Hi! My name is gabby! This is my first time being a rho gam and I’m so excited! I signed up because I love meeting new people, getting to know more about people you already knew, and helping others in any way I can. I’m a third year pre-bio major with the intent of going into microbiology. I love to sing, hang out with my friends and go on adventures. I hope to help others find their home away from home just like I did when I was rushing. Through greek life, I have met my best friends, some of my favorite people on this planet, and sisters I know will be in my life forever! And for that, I’m so grateful :)

Gabby Lee

Copy of 88E51BBE-B0AC-4DAC-9594-675BF9F01C42 - Jasmine Perry.jpeg

Major: Psych and Brain Sciences w/ Applied Psych Minor

Year: 4th

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and I’m a 4th year Psych and Brain Science major, with a minor in Applied Psych. I’m originally from Houston, Texas (but definitely meant to be in California). Some of my favorite things are going for walks, hammocking, eating good food and spending time with my favorite people. I also really love psych so I’m always happy to talk about it! I’m so so excited to be a Rho Gam and to help you find your fit at UCSB:))

Jasmine Perry

Copy of A6DF15B5-2A0C-45EA-9CD1-2F07C8F19CFC - Katie Scaglione.jpeg

Major: Economics and Accounting

Year: 3rd

Hey everyone!! My name is Katie and I’m a 3rd year Economics and Accounting major from Rocklin, CA! I am so excited to meet everyone and help you through the recruitment process. My time at UCSB has been nothing short of amazing! I have met my best friends and biggest inspirations as well as have found so much opportunity to grow as an individual. I am also a tour guide for UCSB, so if you need help finding resources/things to do on campus or just want to know random fun facts about the school, I’m your girl! For fun, I love to walk on the beautiful trails by the ocean and lagoon, shop on state street, chill at a coffee shop, or try any new food place I can find (I’m always looking for new recs :)) ) I have loved my time in Greek life and cannot wait to help all of you find your new family in Panhellenic!!

Katie Scaglione

Copy of 39EB310A-4B23-497F-B14D-87D483F11BFC - Kylie Maeda.jpeg

Major:  Economics/Statistics and Data Science

Year: 3rd

Hi there I’m Kylie! I’m an incoming third-year from the Bay Area majoring in Econ as well as Stats and Data Science and I’m so excited to be a Rho Gam this year. In my free time I love backpacking, hiking, camping, running, weightlifting, and crocheting/crafts! I absolutely love the nature and environment here in Santa Barbara and am so drawn to the types of people that live here. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Kylie Madea

Copy of IMG_9455 (1) - Lyndsey Umsted.jpg

Major: Statistics and Data Science

Year: 3rd

Hi everyone! My name is Lyndsey and I'm an upcoming 3rd year majoring in Statistics and Data Science here at UCSB. Originally from San Diego, California, I grew up with a love for the beach and warm weather which makes UCSB feel like I am right at home! On any day of the week you can find me running on the trails surrounding the campus lagoon or out on the bluffs past Sands beach. Since attending UCSB and joining the Panhellenic community, I have gained a huge interest in environmentalism and climate activism, and I even joined the Greeks Go Green club on campus. This summer I will be combining my interests in data science, the environment, and epidemiology by holding a full time undergraduate research position in the MacDonald Lab at UCSB, where I will be modeling the impacts of land use and climate change on vector-borne diseases and their transmission rates in high risk communities in the Peruvian Amazon. This experience is one of the amazing opportunities UCSB has offered me as an undergraduate student and I'm very excited to learn and expand my professional interests. When I'm not studying or going on runs I love to spend my time thrifting, watching the sunset with my best friends, and watching crime and nature documentaries. I can't wait to share more of what made me fall in love with the Isla Vista and Panhellenic communities with you all, and I'm so excited for you each to go through this amazing experience!

Lyndsey Umsted

Copy of 58A7619C-1225-415B-884D-154FC17AB7BA - Miranda Jones.jpeg

Major: Sociology w/ Educational Studies Minor

Year: 3rd

Hey Everyone my name is Miranda Jones I’m a third year Sociology major with a minor in Educational Studies! Im originally from Fresno CA, and I love that I found my home away from home in UCSB Greek Life! I know when I look back on my college experience, Greek Life will be always be by far the best thing I did !
UCSB has given me some of the best opportunities to meet amazing people, create incredible friendships, and of course see amazing sunsets. On my free time I always try to make it to a sunset walk with my friends! I’ve had the greatest conversations around the town of IV that i’ll cherish for a lifetime!
Im so honored to be picked to be a Rho Gam this year! I can’t wait to find our PNMs their homes, and I can’t wait to watch them create core memories of their own!

Miranda Jones

Copy of E7AF69BD-2CF9-4C70-89E0-7D5285ED3585 - Natalie Robinson.jpeg

Major: Psych and Brain Sciences w/ Statistics Minor

Year: 3rd

Hi!! I’m Natalie and I’m so excited to be a Rho Gam this fall! I’m a third-year from Newport Beach, CA. My major is Psych and Brain Sciences and I’m also pursuing a minor in Statistics. Something about this upcoming year that I can’t wait for is studying abroad in Italy during the winter/spring quarters!! When I’m in Santa Barbara, I love walking around the lagoon, riding my bike to class, hitting the beach on a hot day, and going downtown for a fun dinner with friends. Going though recruitment and joining a chapter has given me so much these last two years and I’m so privileged to be a recruitment counselor this fall! Woo!!!

Natalie Robinson

Copy of 9B43499C-257F-407F-B5D1-EE64AF2D1637 - Quinn Shomo.jpeg

Major: Political Science/History

Year: 4th

Hey I’m Quinn! I am a fourth year political science major from Denver, Colorado. I am passionate about Art and Fashion, and I currently work downtown at Anthropologie. As an out of state student, the Greek community has made a huge school feel much smaller and helped me find my second home. I am so excited to help you all do the same! 

Quinn Shomo

Copy of F30BFB11-0E49-47E9-A7C3-8D783B947112 - Samantha Hanson.jpeg

Major:  Art

Year: 3rd

Hi I’m Samantha! This fall, I’ll be a senior majoring in art. Also fun fact! I am an aquarius sun, leo rising, and virgo moon. During my first year of college, my Rho Gamma was someone who inspired me to join greek life and helped me through the recruitment process. I am looking forward to bringing that same amount of support for all of those going through recruitment. I am so excited to be a part of this year’s formal recruitment process and I cannot wait to be a cheerleader for all of the new pnm's!

Samantha Hanson

Copy of 5A628630-3E38-4E09-8F94-E2C7F4141B92 - Sandy Tang.jpeg

Major: Bioanthropology w/ History Minor

Year: 4th

Hi! My name is Sandy and I’m a fourth year from Lexington, KY:) I’m majoring in Bioanthropology with a minor in History, and pursuing the TMP certificate at UCSB! A little bit about me is that I love fashion, journaling, hot yoga, and music!! You can know so much about someone based on their music taste and I pretty much listen to everything…including country! I LOVE Mac Miller, The Weeknd, Kanye, Tyler the Creator, Jon Pardi, and the list can go on and on. Joining Greek life has offered me so many opportunities and helped me adjust to UCSB and the community as an out-of-state student. Being in a sorority has been the perfect addition to my college experience and I can’t wait to help you all find yours :) I’m so excited to meet you all and to see you soon!!

Sandy Tang

Copy of D752C445-C828-4E2E-983C-6FDFB19B00DD - Sierra van der Brug.jpeg

Major: Communications w/ Professional Writing & Theater Minor

Year: 3rd

Hi everyone! My name is Sierra and I’m a 3rd year Communication major from Los Angeles. Going to school by the beach has been my dream for a long time and UCSB has made it come true. I love taking yoga classes, going on walks, and reading. Greek life has given me my best friends, roommates, and unforgettable experiences, so I can’t wait to help you all find your home here.

Sierra Van Der Brug

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